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Save animals

UX-UI design case study


UX-UI designer

Project goal

The project goal for this product is to design a user experience for endangered species of elephant and a crowdfunding platform to save animals in general.

Target user

For this product the user is a man or woman who likes animals in general and like to share the cause with friends and family. The user is connected with mobile and desktop to view the crowdfunding campaign.

Project overview


In this project we have to define how we can create a nice experience for users to help fund the causes to save endangered animals and a way to create a crowdfunding campaign in an easy manner.



We conducted some user research based on our studies and our direct and indirect competitors. We came up with 2 main personas

In the reserach phase I had to find out who are the main competitors and how they do well, how they can improve if applicable.

The main challenge in the competitive research is that it is not a conventional business as it mainly associations or NGO that raise funds through campaigns.

The assumption is: we are creating an app where the user can help a cause by donating on a campaign and can create a campaign to be funded selected by the administrator.

Competitive reasearch

In this case study, the competition is not a business competition here we talk about associations that protect animals and try their best to have funds from people who adhere to their causes.

Each one has its own specificity and few of them have their own website. They don’t make campaign they have in their website a make a donation section, you can make a monthly donation or a single donation, the call to action is emphasized on the monthly donation.

In the image below I summarized the main competition with one of the biggest associations involved in animal protection.

competitor logos

User personas

user persona
user persona
problem statement
problem statement

Ideation and initial design ideas

Crazy 8

I did a quick ideation for the screen design, I came up with few ideas of the app design.

In this case the homepage shows the featured campaigns a “+” button to create your own campaign and raise funds. The user flow show the donation flow which is the main flow on this app with a confirmation page about the donation.

wireframe lofi
wireframe lofi


Low fidelity

wireframe lofi

High fidelity

wireframe hifi

User testing

The goal of this usability study is to define if the user has some painpoint with this user flow.
We conducted an unmoderated study with 5 participants that support animals and other causes, each session lasted 5-10 minutes, the key metrics were analyzed like the completion rate.

  • Study type: unmoderated usability study for this application
  • Location: remote usability study
  • Participants: 5 participants each completing the usability study
  • Length: each session duration is 5-10 minutes based on a list of prompts
  • Results:Based on the data from the first usability study.

    1-Users didn’t find the crowdfunding campaign easily
    2-Users were frustrated to find only one payment method
    3-Users found that there was too much information in the app

UI design



Heading 1 30 px

Heading 2 20 px

Heading 3 15 px



Text 20px

Text 18px

Text 15px

color palette


To view the final prototype with the main userflow the link is here

Mockup design

mockup design


Covid 19 is a challenging period in many ways, we have to be flexible and find solutions.

Being the only designer is challenging to find ideas and select the best one for the product based on the user needs.

It was a pleasure to deisgn for a cause specially this one.

The accessibility issues was taken into account thanks to the contrast on the texts and the color used.