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UX-UI design case study


UX-UI designer

Project goal

The project goal is to provide the users an app where they can find menus, put them in the favorites page to order quickly, they can choose the delivery option, take away or deliver to the specified address.

Target user

The target user is someone who is busy and needs to make quick choices, he can choose menus without any issues regarding any diet or constraints.

Project overview


The time line was very short to produce a product. The research I used was some primary research on the web to find some key competitors. The other challenge is that a lot of platforms aloows you to order any kind of foods from different restaurants.



We conducted some user research based on our studies and our direct and indirect competitors. We came up with 2 main personas

In the reserach phase I had to find out who are the main competitors and how they do well, how they can improve if applicable.

The main challenge in the competitive research is that restaurant don’t have their own application, they work on their presence through internet and have a profile in all the delivery apps like uber eats for instance. That was the main challenge and obviously the main competitor in this type of market.

The assumption is: we are creating an app where the user can order his favorite food with the choice to get delivered or take it away form the restaurant.

Competitive reasearch

competitive research

User personas

user persona
user persona
problem statement
Google UX Design Certificate Problem Statement my project 1

Ideation and initial design ideas

Crazy 8

I did a quick ideation for the screen design, I came up with few ideas of the app design.

The homepage with the top menus and the favorites, there is the favorite page, the order page summary, the payment method page, the payment confirmation and order confirmation page. Other ideas were generated to have a view on the design.

crazy 8
paper wireframe
paper wireframe


Low fidelity

wireframe lowfi

High fidelity

wireframe hifi

User testing

The biggest takeaway from the results is that it was not clear for some users when it came to the order confirmation and they had some pain points on that stage and the payment option.

I came to these conclusions based on the users’ reaction with the prototype and the questions I asked to the users on this specific user flow, it was helpful to spot the potential improvement.

  • Study type: unmoderated usability study for this application
  • Location: remote usability study
  • Participants: 5 participants each completing the usability study
  • Length: each session duration is 5-10 minutes based on a list of prompts
  • Results: users had difficulties with the confirmation message, some found it redundant and couldn’t find any notification on the navigation bar in the footer, users were annoyed by the fact that they couldn’t find more payment options method to order the food some people like the cash and delivery method but some user prefer to pay on delivery or on site. I had to add and correct the design based on those results.

UI design

Amatic SC


Heading 1 36 px

Heading 2 18 px

Alegreya sans


Text 24px

Text 18px

Text 14px

projet portfolio1


To view the final prototype with the main userflow the link is here

Mockup design

mockup design


Through this project, I learned to understand better the users and give the best solution for them. The main constraints with the covid-19 was to work with distance with technical constraints.

The lesson learned is that we have to be flexible with the users and find alternative tools to conduct the studies and research.

As a designer I know that this version is only the first version until the next iteration and the next user feedback. This user flow was tested and works well. The next step is to design another user flow and iterate on the product.